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The dynamic coastal City of Huntington Beach, with its sunny Mediterranean climate and idyllic setting, is home to more than 195,000 beach residents. Internationally known as Surf City, Huntington Beach boasts eight miles of scenic, accessible beachfront, the largest stretch of uninterrupted beachfront on the West Coast. Tourism remains a vital part of the economy, as over 11 million visitors flock to the city during the summer, on weekends and for special events.

Costa Mesa was once grazing grounds for cattle belonging to the Mission San Juan Capistrano, located on the "Coastal Tableland" above Newport Bay. At the beginning of the 19th century, missionaries built an adobe "Estancia" or way-station for the vaqueros who tended the herds. This structure still stands and was recently restored and transformed by the City into a museum at 1900 Adams Avenue.

Sunset Beach is known for its small beach town feel and Historic Water Tower turned into a personal residence with the town’s best ocean view.  Locals know Sunset Beach for its quaint post office, the center of social life, where events are posted and residents get their mail and for the greenbelt, which once served as the right of way for the Pacific Electric Red Car. The electric car brought tourists to town from Los Angeles in the days of Rum Runners and Casino Gambling Boats off Shore.  

Seal Beach was Incorporated as Bay City, the town made its official debut with a population of 250 on October 25, 1915, during a night full of music, food and fireworks. The festivities seemed appropriate for a town with beaches covered with picnic tables, plenty of surf, and amusement zone crowned with a scream-generating roller coaster and the longest pier south of San Francisco.

Soon, the town was rechristened Seal Beach after the seals that used to frequent the coast there. Its good times and Henry Huntington's Pacific Electric Railway brought it more year-round residents.

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