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In the 1860's, pioneering German-Americans established a pre-planned colony with lots and
ownership shares pre-sold in San Francisco . Prior to their arrival, the colonist voted to
name their new town
Anna-heim, a conjunction of two words, representing 'Anna' -
for the nearby Santa Ana River and ‘Heim’ the German word for home.

Anaheim is the first master-planned community in what was to become Orange County. Originally intended as a German-American winecolony, the grapes failed and the resourceful towns people quickly adapted to citrus and other endeavors.

Like their pioneering predecessors, the Anaheim Colony -Neighborhood Residents of Anaheim have adapted to town over the last 20 years to revitalize the original Downtown historic area originally bound by West, North, East and South Streets.

A strong and well funded community effort continues to restore and renovate many areas of the original Anaheim Colony area. Beautiful vintage neighborhood homes near Pearson Park offer a great selection of opportunities for the vintage home buyer. There are some lovely Victorian Homes remaining due to the participation of Anaheim in the Southern California Land Boom of the 1880's. The 1920's brought another housing boom, the result being many beautiful Craftsman-Style formal homes and Bungalows within the original city limits.

A great example is the Kroeger-Melrose District. Anaheim has also created one of the only Historic Housing areas where several vintage homes were moved to the street, renovated and a community center was created by the renovation of the old Santa Fe Train Station.

A great opportunity exists for those vintage home buyers wanting to be part of a vintage community that remains affordable and has many historic redevelopment successes to assure that these vintage neighborhoods will continue to appreciate in the future.

* A little side note: Andy Alison's great-great-grandfather, Theodore Schmidt is credited for naming
“Annaheim" as one of Anaheim early pioneers shortly after the Civil War in the late 1860's.

Vintage Anaheim

A family photo of Andy's great-grandfather Dr. J. H. Bullard MD bottling wine from
behind his doctors office in Anaheim circa 1880-1890. A delicate operation indeed!

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