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"South Orange County is the oldest "historically" of any of the Vintage Neighborhoods. The Mission San Juan Capistrano and the Los Rios District are the heart and historic soul Orange County." – The Bungalow Hunter

Welcome to the Vintage Neighborhoods of San Juan Capistrano and San Clemente

San Juan Capistrano is s rich in history being the first "settlement" of European Americans in Orange County. San Juan is the oldest historically of any of the vintage neighborhoods of Orange County. The Mission San Juan Capistrano and the Los Rios District are the heart and historic soul of Orange County."

The most significant of these 1920's California Spanish homes are located atop the Dana Bluff on Santa Clara Avenue and El Camino Capistrano overlooking the Dana Point Harbor. There are a few scattered bungalows and beach Shacks on the appropriate named "lantern streets" mostly west of the major cross street of Golden Lantern.
Most vintage homes are found scattered in San Juan Capistrano in near proximity to the Mission and downtown area.

San Clemente is rich in California version of Spanish Colonial -Revival fact, it may be argued that one of the first "memorable" master plan communities was pioneered by developer Ole Hanson with his vision that all structures be of the California Spanish style of architecture for the entire City.

Lucky for San Clemente, many of these homes remain and are cherished among the locals. About 5 to 10 of these vintage "Ole Hanson" homes come on the market each year. Many of them have been restored and offer the same wonderful vistas and splendor originally intended by good old Ole Hanson in the 1920's.

"Let the whole world be viewed in mission style" - Ole Hanson
(if the legend is larger than the truth...print the legend)
or was it . . .
"I have a clean canvas and I am determined to paint a clean picture.
Think of it - a canvas five miles long and one and one-half miles wide! - Ole Hanson

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