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"In the 1920’s, the man that built the famous Hollywood(land)” sign would be responsible
for a Seaside Spanish-Style Town with streets named after "Lanterns".

Dana Point has a fascinating history that is as significant as any city in Southern California. Written history starts with the City’s namesake, Richard Henry Dana and his famous book “Two Years Before the Mast” in 1840.

Then there is the link to the Golden Era of Hollywood and the. Hollywood Sign

In 1926, Sidney Woodruff, the Los Angeles developer of. Holywoodland (which later dropped the "land") and original builder of the now famous Hollywood Sign, purchased the 1,388 acres with the backing of Harry Chandler (owner of the Los Angeles Times) and General M.H. Sherman (owner of the land at Hollywood) with the intension of developing “Dana Point” in a similar fashion to his Hollywood (Land) subdivision.

Woodruff’s original scheme for Dana Point envisioned a seaside Spanish-style town with streets named after colorful "Lanterns". In fact, when the streets were laid out, there were actual lanterns for street lights, modeled on the old sailor's kerosene lanterns.

Woodruff’s. Dana Point Syndicate promised tree-lined paved streets, electricity, telephones, sidewalks, water mains, storm drains, sewers, and other amenities. By the end of the Roaring 1920’s, Woodruff’s dream would eventually result in 35 homes being built; 13 houses actually being built by Sidney Woodruff and the rest by purchasers of vacant subdivision lots that he had sold.

Like many enthusiastic developers of the 1920’s, Sidney Woodruff’s dreams would be dashed by the Great Depression of the 1930’s. His crowning jewel, the Dana Point Inn would be left partially finished and completely abandoned by 1938.

Today, the original 35 “Woodruff Homes” are highly sought after for their beautiful Spanish colonial styling and historic uniqueness in South Orange County’s colorful contribution to architecture.

Dana Point Historic Society is one of the best organized historic societies in Orange County. The members hold regular meetings, benefits and a very well attended historic home tour each year. The Dana Point Historic Society encourages interested individuals to visit their historic library and photo repository for the ample information they have for viewing and sale.

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